Defense attorney questions detective work in Jacobsen case

<p>Kelli Anne Jacobsen</p>

Kelli Anne Jacobsen

Testimony continues today in the trial of a former nanny accused of killing a Richland child nearly two years ago.

Today, Kelli Anne Jacobsen's attorney Scott Johnson, questioned the Richland Police Department's investigative work into the case.

Johnson says it is possible important evidence in the case may have been overlooked.

Today, he grilled the lead detective in the case Damon Jansen, about his work collecting evidence.

Jacobsen was watching over one year-old Ryder Morrison the day he died in June 2011 - she is charged with manslaughter.

But Johnson says Ryder may have died from an unknown health issue.

He says officers did not have police reports from all the witnesses involved in the case.

And Johnson questioned Jansen about why he did not send possible evidence found in Ryder's home, like a blanket and baby wipe with stains on them to the crime lab.

"In this case, there was a discussion about it, but there was found to be no reason to send it to the crime lab, because whether it was blood or not wouldn't have explained what happened to him" said Jansen.

"Oh, you don't know what it would or wouldn't have explained because you never sent it, right?" asked Johnson.

"No, I did not, but whether it was blood or was not blood still would not have explained it" said Jansen.

"You have no idea what the substance on any of these items you didn't send to the crime lab were, did you?" asked Johnson.

"No" said Jansen.

"And you look at this jury saying, I don't know what it was, but I know it wouldn't have mattered. Is that what you're telling them?" asked Johnson.

"Yes" said Jansen.

Also today, another officer from the Richland Police Department who recovered Jacobsen's cell phone says the morning of Ryder's death, Jacobsen sent a text message to her friend saying she was tired.

On Facebook, she posted that she was exhausted that morning as well.

Jacobsen's last text message to her friend before she called 911 was sent at 11:52 AM.

She called 911 at 12:12 PM.