More Adults Texting While Driving



69-year-old Leo Gosson is a fan of texting, and has been since it became a popular form of communication.

Gosson says he used to text while driving, that was until a few months ago, when he accidentally drove off a road into a ditch while trying to send a text.

"It took my attention away, just seconds," said Gosson, "So I don't text anymore, I don't think that's a good thing for anyone to be doing."

But that doesn't seem to be the case, in fact, more adults are texting while driving.

According to a survey by AT&T, 43% of teenagers admit to texting while driving, while almost 50% of adults admit to it.

Surprisingly, 98% percent of those adults admit they know it's wrong.

19-year-old Jorden Cruz found the survey results surprising.

"Adults and parents are always saying not to be texting and driving," said Cruz, "But at the same time, they're the ones that are probably doing the same, if not worse."

Washington State Patrol says it wrote up over 2,000 drivers statewide last year for texting.

The year before that, they had only written up 1500 drivers.

"Their opinion of their driving abilities, they just aren't aware of the dangers of texting and driving," said Sgt. David DeVere, "On average, a 5 second look-down to text at highway speeds, you're traveling the distance of a football field."

"People think they're the best multi-taskers until they either get in a wreck, or until they get a ticket," said Cruz, "That's when they are proven wrong."

Leo Gosson says it does not matter what how old someone is, texting and driving could be life-threatening, and hopes his story serves as an example.

"It could have been really bad, it could have cost someone their life if i was in another lane," said Gosson, "It's not worth it. Wait."