Kadlec Regional Medical Center raises Donate Life flag above hospital

<p>Donate Life Flag</p>

Donate Life Flag

April is National Donate Life month, and Kadlec Regional Medical Center is raising awareness about the impact you can make by being an organ donor.

This morning, hospital staff members raised a special flag on top of the hospital for everyone in the area to see.

The flag says Donate Life.

It will stay on top of the Richland hospital until the end of April.

Several transplant recipients and family members of donors gathered at the hospital to watch the flag rise to the top of the building today.

We spoke with a Kennewick man who received a heart transplant in 2006.

Steve Arbogast tells us he knew he had a bad heart, but never thought he would need a transplant.

He says if he did not get one, he would not be standing here today.

"People are gonna die. It's just a difference of whether they're an organ donor or not. And they will be giving you a gift, and that's what I received, the most precious gift in the world is life" said Arbogast.

Arbogast says he waited 40 long days and nights for a new heart.

He says he also met the family of the man who donated the heart.

Arbogast says that man alone also helped save the lives of five other people.

This is the fourth year the hospital has flown the Donate Life flag on top of their building.

For more information on how you can become a donor, visit Donate Life's website.