Hundreds March In Honor Of Cesar Chavez

<p>Cesar Chavez march</p>

Cesar Chavez march

Over 200 people gather to march through downtown Yakima this weekend.

The march was put together to honor the late labor leader Cesar Chavez for his upcoming birthday.

Many carried flags and signs bearing the logo of the United Farm Workers of America -- the same group founded by Chavez.

Former state lawmaker Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney was at the march, and says this weekend's large turnout signifies the communitie's desire for change.

"We're going to work hard for it, it's not free," said Kenney, "We're going to work hard for it and we're going to be the future of tomorrow; as engineers, doctors, lawyers, carpenters, pumblers, whatever you have. We're going to be there, because we belong here."

The march ended with a keynote speech from Kenney at the Seasons Performance Hall.