Yakima Church Offering Gun Lessons

<p>Gun Training</p>

Gun Training

When you see a church, you would normally think of bible studies, youth groups, and Sunday services.

But how about firearm training classes?

The Open Bible Christian Center recently started offering just that.

Sheila Ryan is a member of the church, and was taking the class today to learn more about guns, and to help her decide whether purchasing one would be in her best interest.

"I would hate to think about shooting someone," said Ryan, "But you know, if it came down to it, it's an option. But you need to be trained in how to use your gun, you wouldn't want to have an accident."

Pat Tucker says having the knowledge and the training would help her feel safer.

"It seems like Yakima is having more and more things that are going on here," said Tucker, "I think we all need to learn  to be safe and protect ourselves."

Just like any other gun training class, participants sit through a two hour class learning about firearm use and safety, then they are taken to a shooting range to practice different gun-use scenarios.

The church says it's one out of about 12 other ministries across the nation that they know of who offer these kind of classes.

It says it doesn't matter what religion you are, every person deserves the right to know how to defend themselves.

"Just like schools do fire alarm drills with the kids, hoping there will never be a fire, hoping the kids will never have to use it," said Pastor Mike Lyon, "If they do, then they're safe. Because the more people know, the safer they can be and the more protected they can be."

Sheila Ryan admits it is strange to see churches becoming more involved in firearm education, however, she says it's simply a sign of the times.

"It is unusual, but the days are a little different today," said Ryan, "I think more people are thinking about being prepared."