Layoffs expected to slow down work at Hanford

<p>Hanford Site</p>

Hanford Site

Cleanup work at Hanford may face significant delays after many employees at the site are laid off today.

Between the three main contractors working with the Department of Energy's Richland Operations Office, 198 employees were laid off.

The Richland office's budget was cut by $79 million due to sequestration.

112 employees at Mission Support Alliance were laid off.

20 employees at Washington Closure Hanford were laid off.

66 employees at CH2MHill Plateau Remediation Company were laid off.

On top of that, more than 1,700 employees were furloughed for about five weeks time.

Because of these employee cuts, work at the site is expected to slow down.

"There are projects underway that are gonna be delayed. There are subcontracts that could be canceled. It's hard to get as big a job done as we have here at Hanford without the adequate funding" said Cameron Hardy, Department of Energy.

Some of the employees laid off are already finding new jobs.

About half of the 112 employees let go at Mission Support Alliance are being picked up by other contractors.

An estimated additional $92 million is being cut from the Office of River Protection, which could mean furloughs or layoffs for another 2,800 workers.