High school student makes blankets, scarves for cancer patients



Cancer patients in the Tri-Cities receive some much-needed gifts from a Kamiakin High School student today.

Lindsay Przybylski donated 12 blankets and 10 scarves to the Tri-Cities Cancer Center this morning.

The high school junior made everything by hand.

The donation is part of community service project required by her school.

Przybylski says her aunt had cancer, and she wanted to give back to other patients in the community.

"I know how hard it is for people who are going through cancer. And when they're getting chemotherapy and getting treatment, they like blankets my aunt said. And what she also wanted when she lost her hair, she wanted scarves to wrap around her head. So I thought I would make those" said Przybylski.

Przybylski's aunt taught her how to sew.

It took her about 60 hours to make all the blankets and scarves.