A Unique Thank-you

<p>Staff Sgt. Lewis &amp; Nick</p>

Staff Sgt. Lewis &amp; Nick

<p>Combat American Flag</p>

Combat American Flag

An American flag which flew over one of our military bases in Afghanistan just a few months ago will be presented to local boy scouts tonight for making a difference in soldiers' lives overseas.

A staff sargeant who's just returned from Afghanistan will be presenting the flag to the scouts, who made dozens of care packages for them recently. The packages were filled with food, toiletries, books, and dvds.. all items soldiers would be able to use and be reminded of their homes.

Thirteen-year-old Nick Lewis is a boy scout from local Troop 249.  He says his uncle, Staff Sgt. Rick Lewis and he had a conversation several months ago, and he learned some soldiers didn't receive any letters or care packages at Christmas... And that's what got all this started.

Nick said he felt compelled to show the soldiers' that home was not too far away.

Soldiers from Alpha 168 Battalion were so moved to show their gratitude for care packages they received for Chistmas - they petitioned Washington, DC.

Typically, an Amerian flag which flies over one of our bases is only given to dignitaries or family members of fallen soldiers.

But tonight it will presented to 35 members of Boy Scouts Troop 249.

Staff Sgt. Rick Lewis who has just returned from nine months of combat, says some of the guys who got the packages were in tears.

"When you're away from home for that long and we were away for a nine month deployment. For them to be away from their families and everything, to receive something in the mail - anything - especially during the Christmas season, it means a lot to the troops over there," said Sgt. Lewis.

Nick said, "I think they felt very emotional. I think they felt happy that somebody does know that they're out there and know that they're fighting a war, and I think that they felt that somebody cared for them."

Sgt. Lewis says he was a boy scout and an eagle scout, and that he was incredibly proud of his nephew and the troop for doing this wonderful thing for the soldiers.

The presentation will be held at the Knight's of Columbus Hall in Richland at 7pm.