Selah Woman Asking For More Road Signs Near Home

<p>Ginger Tyler</p>

Ginger Tyler

For six years, Ginger Tyler has lived at her Crusher Canyon Road home in Selah.

Over the years, she's seen several wrecks at the corner next to her house, some have ended up on her front porch costing her tens of thousands of dollars in property damage.

"We've had multiple wrecks, probably several a year where they miss the house, they go into the ditch and go upside down," said Tyler.

Tyler is one of many concerned parents in the neighborhood who say the corner needs more warning signs.

"I want to see reflectors put up around this corner," said Tyler, "I want to see candlesticks going around the corner, a sign that points to the left on this corner that has a reflection to it... Anything."

There is a warning sign a few hundred feet from the corner that warns drivers of the upcoming curve, but neighbors say that isn't enough to get drivers to slow down.

"My son stands here for the bus stop in the morning," said Barbara Marin, "Can you imagine if something were to happen with the kids standing at the bus stop right here, can you imagine what can happen?"

The Yakima County Road Department says it has received several reports about the area.

However, due to a tight budget, other areas of the county have received higher priority.

"We can't really do too much to influence driver behavior, except making sure that the road has all the appropriate devices installed to warn a driver of conditions," said County Road Engineer Gary Ekstedt, "After that, it's up to them to pay attention and heed those warnings."

Ginger Tyler says she isn't looking for anything big  that would put a dent in the county's budget, just some signs and reflectors that could help protect her home, and those around her.

"[there's] Three, four, five accidents a year; just because one a year is what affects my home, isn't also the other three or four we get that affects other things," said Tyler.

The Yakima County Road Department says it will send engineers out to evaluate that section of Crusher Canyon Road.