Pasco firefighters train for real emergencies

<p>Fire Training</p>

Fire Training

More than a dozen firefighters from Pasco spend part of today working in scorching temperatures to prepare for real fire emergencies in our community.

Pasco firefighters went through live fire training exercises today to prepare themselves to battle dangerous fires across our region.

The firefighters held the exercises at Walla Walla County Fire District #5 in Burbank.

One of the scenarios involved working with a live fire inside of a large storage unit.

The firefighters had to break in to the unit, then they took turns dousing the flames with the firehoses.

During the exercise, smoke continued to build up inside the storage unit, and it became extremely hot.

Firefighters say scenarios like this help prepare them for real life emergencies.

"We're dealing with temperatures at the ceiling level of 1,200 degrees. And so, a firefighter crawling in can experience around 250 - 300 degrees right away, and it's important for firefighters to feel the effects of the heat" said Chief Mike Wickstrom, Walla Walla County Fire District #5.

"Fire is dynamic obviously, and we want to get as much opportunities for our guys to do things under controlled environment so that we can learn new skills, teach new techniques that we don't often get to do while we're in an emergency situation" said Battalion Chief Dave Hare, Pasco Fire Department.

Pasco firefighters hold training sessions like this once a month.

Walla Walla County firefighters also helped out with the training exercises.

Firefighters say it is good to get to know crews from neighboring areas because it makes working together much easier during dangerous situations.

Exercise leaders also used today's training session to prepare Pasco's rookie firefighters for emergencies.