A West Virginia Murder Precipitates a Local Arrest

<p>Todd and Renee Honaker</p>

Todd and Renee Honaker

A Kennewick man is under arrest and charged with first degree murder in a West Virginia homicide this past weekend.

Thirty-two-year-old Chad Renzelman is in Benton County jail, awaiting extradition to Roane County, West Virginia.

In Washington state he's been charged with possession of a controlled substance and being a fugitive from justice.  But in West Virginia he's charged with first degree murder and delivery of a controlled substance.

Roane Counties Deputies say Renee Honaker was found unresponsive from an LSD overdose in West Virginia on Saturday.

Troopers there say they believe Renzelman is the man who provided the drugs that caused the woman's overdose.

His name had been found on packages sent to the Honaker's home via United States Postal Service.

But Deputy Sgt. Bo Williams says Renee Honaker's death might have been prevented if her husband Todd had alerted authorities sooner.

"We believe that he failed to render aid and believe that the information he came forward with after the fact giving her medical treatment that could have possibly saved her life," said Williams.

Renzelman was arrested at this parent's home at 3901 West 43rd in Kenneiwck on Saturday night.

Today he waived extradition in Benton County Court.

In West Virginia delivery of a controlled substance that causes death, automatically triggers the charge of first degree murder.

The Roane County Prosecutor Justin Downey says his office will extradite Renzelman within the next 10 days.