Final Budget Deal Reached

<p>Washington Legislature</p>

Washington Legislature

Washington state lawmakers have come to a final budget deal in order to avoid a government shut down.

Similar to politics in our nation's capitol, the legislature has come down to the wire, and they finally have a hand shake deal on a $33.6 billion, 2-year budget proposal.

Lawmakers said the final plan puts an additional $1 billion toward the state's basic education system in response to a state Supreme Court ruling that determined lawmakers weren't adequately funding schools.

While overall spending would rise by 8%, K-12 education spending would rise more than 11%.

Governor Jay Inslee said he is hoping the legislature will approve the measure before state employees leave work tomorrow.

Representative Larry Haler said there may be some minor increases in taxes in some areas but nothing that would be devastating.

"For the average person, it means minimal or no taxes at all," said Haler. "What it also means is that those people who work for the state will more than likely not be laid off or furloughed."

Haler said the legislature has been negotiating diligently in special sessions all week and they will not leave until everything is taken care of.

There are a couple of more bills to look over and pass, but Haler says unless somewhere along the way the hand shake agreement falls apart, which he doubts, everyone should be signing off on the final budget deal this weekend.