Pasco Police Department's New K-9

The Pasco Police Department is adding a new furry member to its squad: a K-9 police dog that goes by the name of Hapo.

The two-year-old German Shepherd will work side-by-side with Officer Bob Harris to track down criminals and narcotics. 

"It's a big deal for me to have a dog out there," said Harris. "When everybody's basically lost hope of finding somebody or something, we get the opportunity to go out there and help them find the bad guys."

"When the officers run out of resources, it's a K-9's keen sense of smell that helps them locate a criminal," said Pasco Police Captain Ken Roske.    

At one time, Pasco had the highest crime rate in Washington state and now that rate is below the state wide average, according to Pasco City Manager Gary Crutchfield.

He said K-9's can only help further that progress.

Hapo was trained in Germany, where he was born, and as a result, Officer Harris gives Hapo several commands in German.

Hapo arrived in Pasco earlier this month where is currently undergoing final training and he will be out patrolling the streets in the next few weeks.  

The dog is named for the local credit union which provided the funding to purchase him.