Homicide Suspects In Custody

<p>Elliott White</p>

Elliott White

<p>Guillermina Sanchez-Cardenas</p>

Guillermina Sanchez-Cardenas

The family of the victim stood and watched as two suspects in the murder of a Sunnyside man made their appearances in court today.

Guillermina Sanchez-Cardenas and Elliott White appeared in court after they both were arrested in connection to the murder of 23 year old Alberto Gabriel Martinez.

Martinez was found in the trunk of a car on tribal land off Highway 97 friday afternoon.

An autopsy confirms Martinez was shot multiple times in the head.

According to court documents, Sanchez-Cardenas had  met with Martinez the night before his death; she mentioned her boyfriend, White,  found out she was talking to another man and became angry.

Sanchez-Cardenas says her, White, and two others then drove out to the same area Martinez was found dead, but denies any involvement in the murder.

Martinez's family says they are convinced the two committed the crime and want justice

"There will be justice, and hopefully one day they will regret what they did and realize what they did was wrong," said Martinez's sister-in-law, "They left three kids without a father and my sister without a husband. It's very hurtful."

Both suspects are being held on $1 million bail, they will be arraigned in two weeks.