More Confusion and Questions in Kevin Harper Case

<p>Kevin Harper</p>

Kevin Harper

As you know, Your Local ABC was in court today along with the other television stations in town and the Yakima Herald Republic to argue against the Yakima County Prosecutor's motion seeking to hold closed hearings and seal evidence in the Kevin Harper case.

That issue was easily resolved as the prosecution dropped the matter; however, just when you thought this case couldn't take any more turns, another twist has been added.

The prosecution revealed a set of documents they want to file that would justify their reasons for revoking Kevin Harpers plea agreement back in October.

Last year, Harper pleaded guilty to lesser charges in exchange to have his murder charges dropped, however, prosecutors now believe they have enough evidence to refile those charges.

Tensions were high as both the defense and friends of the Goggin family expressed their frustration with the prosecution.

"Why have we been kept in the dark? Why is that not an additional violation? Why is that not an additional prosectutorial misconduct?" said Harper's attorney Peter Mazzone.

"You would think that if someone took on a job, that they would stick with it," said Goggin family friend, Jim Faulconer.

"I come into these hearings expecting the court had it in one direction and it is amazing to me how we end up in a place that I would never have envisioned to address," said Judge Ruth Reukaf.

As of this afternoon, the judge set the next court hearing for the end of September.

Defense attorney Mazzone was also upset today by the news that the prosecution has a separate agreement with Harper's wife Crystal Gray-West, which the prosecution wants to use to further its case against Harper, despite already having executed a joint deal with both Harper and West as part of Harper's plea deal.