Tri-Cities firefighters back home after helping to fight Colockum Fire

<p>Dave Hare</p>

Dave Hare

Several firefighters from the Tri-Cities are back home after helping to fight the Colockum Fire over the weekend.

Battalion chief Dave Hare from the Pasco Fire Department helped run logistics over the weekend.

He says he helped develop plans to attack the fire, so the flames would stay away from homes and streets.

Hare created maps of the fire and its expected parameter.

He says with firefighter safety being a top priority, it is extremely important to be organized and prepared to fight significant fires like this one.

"The taxpayers in Washington should be really proud of their fire services, both federally and civilly, volunteers and paid. It takes events like this to bring everybody together, and to effectively function and work as a team says a lot about the fire service in the state of Washington" said Hare.

When Hare started working on the logistics for fighting the fire, there were about 30 firefighters working at the scene.

By the time he left, there were more than 100 firefighters.