Ballots start coming in for next week's primary election

We're less than a week away from the primary election, and ballots are starting to come in.

So far, more than 20,000 residents have turned in their ballots.

5,712 of those ballots are from Franklin County.

15,124 ballots are from Benton County.

One of the most discussed proposals this election is the sales tax proposal for a regional aquatic center.

The proposed sales tax for the aquatic center would be an increase of one-tenth of one-percent, meaning it would cost residents an extra one cent for every $10 spent.

If it passes, the aquatic center would be built on 13 acres of land on Sandifur Parkway, off of Road 100.

It is expected to cost $35 million to build.

We asked you on Facebook if you support the sales tax. Here's what a few people said:

Ashley says, "I vote yes. This facility will be more than just a water park.  It will be indoor/outdoor.  Swim meets alone will bring in a lot of money in tourist spending."

David adds, "A big no here.  Yeah, it would be nice, but like many things in life, things are luxuries and just because a few want it to take their kids great, but everyone else is paying for it for them to be able to."

Cathy writes, "Voting no, definitely not a well thought out plan."

And Lacee says, "Yes!  It is time for us to do this."

The proposal needs a simple majority to pass.

Election day is next Tuesday.

Preliminary results are expected around 8 PM that night.