Air Quality and What You Need to Know

<p>Tri-Cities Haze</p>

Tri-Cities Haze

The Mile Marker 28 and Wenatchee Fires are creating some unhealthy air conditions for our area.

The Washington Department of Ecology uses the air quality advisory to inform people about the health effects of air pollution so they can protect themselves.

In the Tri-Cities area today, the air quality has been rated moderate, or in the yellow zone, which is not hazardous to most people, but it may be to some.

People with the following conditions may be sensitive to air pollution at this level and should consider limiting their outdoor activity; those with lung and heart disease, diabetes, or a current respiratory infection. Also those who have had a stroke should take some extra care when outdoors over the next several days.

Executive Director of Benton Clean Air Agency Robin Priddy says people may feel a little congested or wheezyin this kind of air quality, but it really depends on an individual's sensitivity.

"It's now reaching a level where populations that are sensitive, such as those who have asmthma or the elderly or the very young. They might start considering taking some precautions to safeguard their health."

Precautions include staying indoors, using an air conditioning system, reducing physical activity, especially if you're doing cardio vascular exercise outdoors.

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