Man Drowns in Lake Cle Elum

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Kittitas County Press Release
Kittitas County, WA-07/28/2013 - 21 year old Jesse Sebade of Fall City drown approximatley 3:00 AM this morning when his vehicle rolled down a steep embankment into the lake.

A Kittitas County Sheriff's Diver located the vehicle and body about  45 feet from shore. Per Undersheriff Myers, the victim was in  his full size extended cab pick-up, 30 feet below the surface, facing away from shore. The ignition was in the ACCESSORY Position, the manual transmission was in neutral, the emergency brake was not engaged, the doors were unlocked and the passenger window was rolled down about 5 inches.  

Witnesses in the camp said Mr. Sebade had been sitting in his vehicle listening to music and drinking beer. The vehicle was parked facing the lake about 100 feet from the water. The camp was on a semi-flat bench at the edge of where the shore drops off steeply. Just before 3:00 AM one of his friends turned his vehicle off and encouraged him to get some sleep. A short time later he heard the vehicle roll into the water. By the time members from the camp realized what had happened and got down to the water, the vehicle was down. Attempts to free swim down to rescue him were unsuccessful due to the depth and darkness.

During the investigation, Deputies learned that Mr. Sebade had actually come over from Fall City for a family reunion. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends for such a tragic loss".