Mile Marker 28 Fire Doubles in Size

A wildfire burning near Goldendale doubles in size to more than 4600 acres or 7 square miles.

The Department of Nnatural Resources says firefighters are still trying to build lines to contain the fire that broke out Wednesday and is burning grass, brush and timber.

Most of Highway 97 between Goldendale and Toppenish -- including Satus Pass -- remains closed due to smoke and the danger of debris rolling off steep hillsides.

One structure has been lost and about 30 homes in the area are threatened forcing evacuations.

Smoke has started filling the Lower Yakima Valley, making some residents uneasy.

"It's so dry out there, that I'm worried it'll come over into the valley," said Veda Rodriguez, "There's so many farmers out here, and it's kind of worrisome that it might damage the vegetables, the fruit or whatever."

Commanders say about 700 firefighters are being called in from across the country to help fight the fire.