Hermiston Police Department gets new video cameras

<p>Body Camera</p>

Body Camera

The Hermiston Police Department gets some brand new video cameras to capture exactly what police officers see as they respond to incidents and crimes throughout the city.

Officers clip the small body cameras to their uniforms.

They can turn the cameras on as they approach incidents or prepare to write a ticket, and they can turn them off when they're done.

The video is recorded onto a micro SD card and downloaded onto a server.

Officers say these cameras will help them build better cases against criminals, because video doesn't lie.

"The other benefits are there's an archive of what we do. So when a person has a complaint against an officer, that video can be used to exonerate the officer, or sustain that complaint" said Administrative Captain Travis Eynon, Hermiston Police Department.

The police department has 20 cameras right now.

Officers got the cameras thanks to a grant from the city's insurance carrier.