Red Cross Relief Center Set up

<p>Apt. Fire Update</p>

Apt. Fire Update

An American Red Cross shelter is set up at Pasco High School where the relief organization is hosting more than 40 displaced residents.

This has been a traumatic experience for many of the residents who had to leave their homes at the Sacajawea Apartments on 4th Ave. in Pasco.

Several people were taken to the hospital but no serious injuries have been reported.

The apartment manager said the fire started on the 2nd floor; she said the fire alarm went off and people ran into the stairwell screaming, "This is a real fire!"

"It was intense, it was crazy," said Billie Vinson, the apartment manager. "My biggest thing was to get everyone out safely to make sure that nobody got hurt but it was definitely a scary situation."

According to the Vinson, one dog and two cats died because of the fire.

"The fire alarm went off first, then the smoke started coming up so I grabbed my dogs," said Henry Galbraith, a resident. "I handed one to my neighbor and they weren't smart enough to take it out so it died."

One resident said animals were not allowed in the Red Cross shelter and that they needed to be taken to the Humane Society instead.

There is no official cause of the fire, but the Pasco Fire Department said it was likely a lit candle that fell over. 

No word yet when residents will be able to return to their homes.