Water Follies Preparation

<p>Water Follies Preparation</p>

Water Follies Preparation

It's less than a week away to one of the Tri-Cities' biggest events, volunteers are hard at work prepping for the Annual Water Follies.

In just a matter of days, 35 boats will hit the Columbia River and race in what some people call NASCAR on the water.

Over the weekend, more than 15 docks were put into the water and nearly everything is in place.

The race is a lot of fun, but the preparation is hard work.

Volunteers are more than happy to get things ready, working in 100° weather and all.

Some wonder why they do it for free.

"For the community," said Kevin Smith, Pit Director for the Water Follies. "The people we volunteer with are like family and when boat teams get to town, they're doing it for the community. We're just proud of the Water Follies."

More than 30 volunteers came out to help in the pit where all the boats will be lined just before they're placed into the water.