The Spirit of Service

<p>Spirit of Service Awards</p>

Spirit of Service Awards

Applause and cheer is all that could be heard from the Yakima Convention Center.

Five soldiers, sailors and airmen are the first class to receive the Spirit of Service award.

"I just feel honored to be here, it's such a tremendous honor to be amongst all these other heroes that are here," said Boatswain's Mate Chief Bejamin Snider.

The award recognizes the top individuals from each branch of the military who not only excel in their daily duties, but also devote their time to their communities.

Those branches include the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines.

The recipients also got the chance to share stories with those who served long before their time.

"[the] Feeling is just amazing, because talking to them, hearing their experiences in the military made me appreciate what I'm doing a lot more and made me appreciate everything that they've done," said Staff Sergeant Cassandra Muschamp.

This type of award is the first of its kind in the state, and not only meant to recognize those who excelled beyond their duties, but also those who alongside them as well.

"We all unite and honor not just these recipients today, but their units, their army, they represent the rest of the warriors in their department," said award committee chairman Jake Cabuag, "We represent all warriors here."

Benjamin Snider says he wouldn't be standing where is now, without his platoon back at base.

"They're right there next to me, said Snider, "We're one big crew, and they deserve just as much recognition as I do.


This year's recipients are:

- Staff Sergeant Cassandra M. Muschamp - U.S. Army

- Sergeant Nicholas G. Weidner - USMC

- Navy Counselor First Class Brenda V. Chavez - U.S. Navy

- Technical Sergeant Christopher A. Javier - USAF

- Boatswain's Mate Chief Benjamin Snider - USCG