UPDATE: CBC Bomb Threat

<p>CBC Bomb Threat</p>

CBC Bomb Threat

A bomb threat forces the evacuation of the Columbia Basin College (CBC) campuses in Richland and Pasco this afternoon.

Police say several calls were made to the CBC campus about a bomb threat just after 11 a.m.

CBC president Rich Cummins says immediately following the first call, he began campus safety protocol, calling in multiple agencies including Pasco Police and the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

Within minutes of the threat being made, students and staff were evacuated from both the Richland and Pasco campuses.

"One of the calls specified a part of a building and then said there was another location. There's no price for safety so we evacuated the campus," said Cummins.

Pasco Police Captain Jim Raymond says he believes the calls were made by the same person and detectives are following several leads.

"We are working the investigation and trying to track down who the caller is and we're hopefully gong to make some progress with that," said Raymond.

Law enforcement conducted several sweeps of the campus and also through each of the buildings separately.

Police have finished their sweep and have declared all CBC campuses clear, but are continuing their investigation.

Classes this evening are canceled, but it's back to business tomorrow when classes and work at CBC resume as normal.