"No Parking" signs at Yakima River

<p>Yakima River Parking</p>

Yakima River Parking

It may become a little more difficult for people to access the Yakima River in West Richland.

The West Richland City Council approved a measure to put up "No Parking" signs along a street next to the river.

Residents living just across the street from a popular entrance into the Yakima River on Butte Court say they are fed up with so many people parking in front of their homes, blocking their driveways and then leaving the place a mess.

"The parking has become a huge problem down here. The trash problems are awful and people using the bushes as a public restroom in front of my house continually," said Butte Court resident Troy Dornbusch.

Dornbusch and his neighbors have complained for years to the city to put up "No Parking" signs and trashcans along the riverbank.

A man who works for the riverbank's owner says the neighbors are blowing it out of proportion.

"I think they're making a big deal out of it because it's summertime and people want to come to the river and there's only access to the river here," said riverbank employee Joe Cervandes.

A local prospective business man hopes to start a shuttle business to bring people to and from the river to alleviate parking.

"I think it'll help a lot with the parking. The home owners don't want to see all these people bringing their cars down and littering. If we can contain the cars at a central location, it will help a lot," said West Richland resident Garrett Stephenson.

Stephenson also says he'd take it into his own hands if people continued to litter, by picking up trash before and after rafters enjoy the river.

A department director said parking will no longer be allowed alongside the river.

There will be a section for nose- in parking and they can still parallel park in front of homes but they cannot block driveways.

Parking signs will be up within 30 days and residents say they hope with these signs, the laws can properly be enforced.