Conference Helps Veterans and Families Adjust to Civilian Life

Dozens of people are at the Washington National Guard Armory in Yakima today for a conference aimed at helping military veterans adjust to a normal life after returning from overseas.

Today's conference isn't just about what returning vets can do to help themselves adjust to the civilian life, but also what their friends and family can do to help them as well.

The conference, put together by Army OneSource, is aimed at connecting vets and their loved ones with the services they need after returning from the service.

Returning vets can also be connected to services that deal with everything from post traumatic stress disorder, to finding employment.

One vet says it's important that soldiers are taken through a slow transition when going from the soldier life -- to the civilian life.

"These kids today are all heroes; And one of the great things I took away from being a Vietnam veteran is I know what not to do," said Jon Ison,  "I want to support everything that they do now that they've come home, and I want to give them every opportunity."

Event organizers say there are about 16,000 vets in Yakima County alone, and 16,000 in both Benton and Franklin Counties.