"Disastrous... It was disaster everywhere you looked."

<p>Frank Massey</p>

Frank Massey

"Disastrous... It was disaster everywhere you looked." - Frank Massey
Frank Massey is a survivor, that's the title the 92 year old has carried for over 70 years.

Massey joined the Navy as a young man and worked as a baker on the USS California.

He was prepping for the day morning of December 7th 1941, when mayhem broke loose.

"I heard some bombing going on outside," said Massey, "I walked out on the deck to look, and I saw these planes coming down, dropping bombs."
Massey walked out to see a squadron of Japanese planes, bombarding the ships at bay.

His shipmates scrambled to set up defenses, arming machine guns to try and counter the attack.

That's when the California was blindsided by torpedos, and the captain ordered everyone to abandon ship.
"Everybody just had to look out for themselves," said Massey, "When they said abandon ship, you did everything you could to try to get up on top where, where you could abandon ship."
With the ship crippled and sinking, the last thing Massey remembers was racing through the decks to save his own life.
"I woke up on the beach throwing up salt water and oil," said Massey.
Massey spent several days in the ER, he recalls the paranoia every night brought, and the men that were killed on his ship.
"The guy that had my job, that was on the starboard side of the ship, instead of the portside, was never ever seen from or heard of again," said Massey.
Even at his age, Massey still remembers that tragic morning; when he moved to Yakima, he says there were 25 survivors in the area, now he says there are just three.
"There's just not many pearl harbor survivors left," said Massey, "Thank god for the ones that are [laughs]."