Couple Creates Teapot Dome Replica

You might see a familiar structure when driving down the Yakima Valley Highway near Zillah.

Dick and Kay Eglet recently completed construction on a metal replica of the teapot dome in their yard.

The couple lived next door to where the original teapot was located, before it was relocated further into the town of Zillah -- and began constructing the metal version about three months ago.

Kay Eglet says the two wanted to have their own teapot, since the original was a large part of their lives.

"I worked there, I worked there in the summer on the weekends," said Kay Eglet, "That helped raise my family. It's always been in my brother-in-law's family, and it's gone up through [Dick's] family. That's why it kind of meant something to us."

The Eglets say they plan on hosting tea parties and family weddings at their teapot in the near future.