"Top Chef" Contender Hired as Walla Walla Community College Culinary Instructor

<p>Robin Leventhal</p>

Robin Leventhal

Robin Leventhal, Walla Walla Community College’s newest Culinary Arts instructor, is an accomplished and celebrated chef. Her connection to Dan Thiessen Director of the Culinary Arts Program brought her to Walla Walla. She said, “I knew Dan from Seattle and he reached out to me. It’s one of those times in my life when I was looking for a little transition and change. He said, “What are you doing for the summer? Would you want to come for the summer?” He made it really easy for me to join the team.”

Levanthal has been a go-to chef on the Seattle scene for the last decade. In her restaurants; Crave, Stopsky’s, Cyclops, Deux Tamales and El Nino, she showcased contemporary comfort food, Jewish fare, world flavors, upscale Franco Latino fare and tamales and tequila pairings.

Chef Leventhal gained national acclaim as a cheftestant on the 2009 season of Bravo TV’s TopChef.

In spite of the glamour and acclaim of Seattle and Las Vegas, Robin Leventhal enjoys Walla Walla and the Walla Walla Community College.