One Year Later: Heritage University Planning on Rebuilding Petrie Hall

It's been exactly one year since a fire erupted at Heritage University, destroying one of its oldest buildings.

Today marks the anniversary since Petrie Hall was destroyed by an unknown fire last year.

We checked in with the university, which says it plans on replacing the hall with 3 smaller buildings spread throughout the campus.

Petrie Hall housed the student commons, IT department and book store, all of which the school plans on replacing.

One student says the past year hasn't been the same without Petrie Hall.

"It was a different feeling because I always went there whenever I had downtime or study time," said Angel Hernandez, "I always went there, always sat down with some friends and had a coffee, gathered our selves a bit and then go back to class. It was missed."

Investigators were unable to determine exactly what caused the fire, however, they do know it started in the attic over the kitchen.