World Cup Soccer Video

<p>Bill and Lisa Kinner</p>

Bill and Lisa Kinner

A Richland man is one of eight people who might get a chance to go to the World Cup next year.

Bill Kinner attended a US soccer game in Seattle last month, and made an impromptu fan video. In it he states why he should be 'the soccer correspondent' to represent the United States for the World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

"My heart and soul is with the U.S. National Team," said Kinner.

He says he fell in love with soccer alongside his two sons - Brian and James - almost three decades ago, when they first began to play the sport.

His wife, Lisa, from Holland, is also a life-long fan. She has also coached soccer for many years.

His video is featured on Facebook and fans will be voting until July 15.

The top four candidates who get the most votes will go to the finals.

Each will be interviewed before a winner is selected.

Kinner says he's never considered that something like this experience could be a reality, but he's going for it.

"It's the Men's World Cup, and I've been a huge fan and follower for all these years. To get a chance to go to Brazil for a World Cup and be in everything that could entail is just incredible. If I get that chance and I hopefully will, I'll learn what I need to do to get the job done," said Kinner.

The grand prize winner will be announced August 1st, and will travel with the US Team's first round matches, if the team qualifies for the World Cup.


To watch the video, CLICK HERE.