90's Selah Murder Trial Underway

<p>Brugnone, Gorski, and their attorneys</p>

Brugnone, Gorski, and their attorneys

Trial is now underway for two men accused of stabbing a Selah woman to death at her apartment back in August of 1997

Michael Forski and Frank Brugnone are accused of killing Carolyn Clift nearly fifteen and a half years ago.

The trial was expected to start yesterday, but was moved to this morning after two jurors fell ill.

Today, the prosecution opened with DNA evidence and witness testimonies linking both men to the crime scene -- however, the defense argues the evidence is inconsistent with the timeline of the murder .

"You will hear from several other witnesses in addition to those that i have highlighted for purposes of giving you this blueprint of the evidence that we anticipate that you will see and hear firsthand from this witness stand," said prosecutor Patti Powers.

" [It will be Gorski's] turn to explain to you the truth of what happened and what did not happen that night on August 28, 1997," said Gorski's attorney, John Crowley.

A jury will decide Gorski's case -- Brugnone has chosen a bench trial without a jury.

The trial is expected to last about two weeks.