Kennewick's Man and Woman of the Year Announced

The Kennewick community honors two residents for making the city a better place to live.

Donna Vance and Tim Doyle were named Kennewick's woman and man of the year last night at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

Vance serves on the board of Kennewick General Hospital and the Tri-Cities Cancer Center - she also volunteers with United Way.

Doyle also works with the cancer center, and he has spent many years making improvements and organizing events in downtown Kennewick.

Both award winners say they were very surprised by last night's honor.

"It was definitely a shock. I had no idea it was coming. My wife did a really good job of keeping that a secret from me. Even after the hint about dressing up a little more than I probably was getting ready for the dinner" said Doyle.

"We don't get up with the idea of trying to make a difference. We just do what we are able to do" said Vance.

People who have worked with Vance and Doyle over the years nominated them for the awards