Settlement Reached With Injured Worker

<p>Firefighters rescue man who fell 40 feet down abandoned water tower</p>

Firefighters rescue man who fell 40 feet down abandoned water tower

A 1.15 million dollar settlement is reached between Yakima County and a worker who was seriously injured in 2010 after falling down an old water tower.

Michael Hanson of Wilsonville, Oregon, filed the lawsuit against the county after falling about 40 feet from an abandoned water tower in Terrace Heights while inspecting it.

Hanson's attorneys says he sustained multiple injuries, and spent weeks recovering at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Hanson's attorney argued that the county neglected to inform Hanson and his co-workers about the dilapidated condition of the tower -- however, the county says that responsibility fell on Hanson's employers.

"These workers were put into a situation where they were not informed of the danger that they were facing," said attorney Vito de la Cruz.

"It was our position under the language of the agreement between Bravo Environmental and the county that the county did not have any responsibility to comply with any applicable workplace safety regulations," said attorney Mark Watson.

Yakima County will pay about 150 thousand dollars of the settlement, the rest will come from insurance.