Sunnyside Donation Claimed



A Sunnyside woman claims a large sum of money she accidentally donated to Goodwill.

The store manager, Chella Cardenas, says she was sorting through donated items about a month ago, when she discovered a shoebox, filled with more than fifteen thousand dollars.

Cardenas contacted the Goodwill in Kennewick, who was able to identify the woman -- who claimed it earlier today.

Goodwill officials honored Cardenas today, for taking the right actions concerning the money that was found.

"One of our core values is integrity, and we preach that and hopefully live that every day," said Executive Director Gordon Comfort, "And Chella definitely does."

The woman who accidentally donated the money says it will be deposited in the bank immediately.

We originally reported that the goodwill was honoring the donor today--and we apologize for any confusion