Kennewick Police Seeing Increase in Counterfeit Bills

The Kennewick Police Department says it is seening an increase lately in the incidences of counterfeit bills being used in the community. Below is the reelease from the KPD detailing where and when some of thse incidents have taken place

In the month of January this year we have a seen a spike in counterfeit bills being passed in Kennewick. Here is a quick summary of the details:

fake $20’s (3 by same person); also had some $5’s from 1/8/13. 1/10/13 at 528 S. Ely – Tesoro Food Mart

1/13/13 – Twigs Bistro. Fake $20

1/14/13 – Westgate school – fake $5 – came in sometime in December

1/15/13 – 8200 W. Gage – Banner Bank – fake $10 that came in from one of the McDonald’s in the area (unk which store)
In addition, a detective is working Yokes today regarding 5 counterfeit bills that they received last Friday night.
Unfortunately many businesses don't detect or report counterfeit bills when they are presented and then they aren't detected until deposits are made at the bank. If you receive a counterfeit bill, please call police immediately.