A Franklin Co. EMT Service is Saved... Temporarily

<p>Franklin Fire District #3</p>

Franklin Fire District #3

Folks living in Franklin County Fire District 3 will have ambulance service through to the end of the year, but happens in 2014 is still in question.

For several months it's been unclear whether the district would even have ambulance service past this month because of the increased cost of contracting the service with the City of Pasco.

Late last year residents had voted 'no' on a levy needed to make up the difference in those costs, which increased from $30, 000 just a few years ago to $156, 000 starting 2014.

At a special session Tuesday night, District 3 Board of Commissioners approved a motion to offer EMT Services, and District 3 is picking up the cost as well.

Chief Les Litzenberger said, "Residents and volunteer firefighters who came to the meeting said they wanted the service, and the board had to listen. When the difference is spending $78,000 --- anywhere from $68,000 to $78, 000 with Pasco, and us increasing what it costs to provide this service by $40, 000 or $45, 000... We decided that's going to be a little more of an economical direction for us to go this year."

The new service begins February 1, with two paramedics and 45 total staffing.  The EMTs only provide basic life support.

Litzenberger says this latest solution is good, but it is only temporary and they will have to look at a possible levy by November for 2014 and beyond.