Speaker Inspires Students To Get Involved

<p>Molly Burke and Students</p>

Molly Burke and Students

More than two thousand students and educators attend an inspirational assembly in Yakima today.

Students from 20 different school districts in the region gathered at the Yakima SunDome to hear from motivational "Free the Children" speaker Molly Burke -- Burke was diagnosed with a retinal disease at age 4, and lost her vision when she was a teenager.

Burke addressed the challenges she overcame, including bullying, and asked students to become active in their community to make a positive difference.

"So many kids are afraid to speak out and now that I'm able to get to a place in my life where I'm able to do that, I feel honored that I'm able to do that not only for myself,but for the other youth out there that aren't at that point yet," said Burke.

"I want to be able to go out to the world, starting out somewhere small and make it somewhere big to help the kids in need, or people in need who are blind, deaf, or need food. I wanna help people," said Sunnyside High Schoo student Yaritza Salmeron.

Students who become involved in a local and global community improvement projects will have the chance to be invited to another free the children event in Seattle in March.