Two men attacked by 12 suspected gang members in Walla Walla

Police were dispatched Friday evening to the 600 block of Chase Avenue in Walla Walla after numerous 911 calls of shots being fired and reports of a fight.  One victim is being treated for injuries sustained during the incident at a local hospital.

The two male victims were walking home after spending time at a downtown establishment when they were confronted by two Hispanic males just before midnight who asked if they were gang members.  The victims told them they were not gang members and continued walking home.

A short time later, as the victims were crossing Chestnut Street at Chase Avenue, the 2 suspects returned with ten other suspected gang members and began following the victims. The group then surrounded the two men and started questioning them about their gang affiliations while proclaiming their own gang. The men continued to deny any gang involvement when they were suddenly attacked by the group, being hit and kicked after going to the ground.

During the fight, several shots were heard, causing the gang members to flee toward Chestnut Street.

The investigation is being handled by Gang Detectives from the police department’s Special Teams Unit.

There are no other details that can be released at this time.