Drag group speaks about importance of accepting others

<p>Divas Latinas</p>

Divas Latinas

Hundreds of students pack the HUB at Columbia Basin College today to learn about accepting people who may be a little different than them.

The Tri-Cities drag group, Divas Latinas, put on a show at the school today.

Students cheered and yelled as the performers walked through the audience.

The men-turned-women sang songs, danced and talked about the importance of being open minded to everyone's unique differences.

"Two years ago, we had a suicide crisis with kids who were being bullied and really, we want to have a really good education environment in our campus" said Ruben Zecena, CBC ASB president.

"I think it's great. I think the guys dressing up like girls, I just find it absolutely amazing, and I love it" said Tumeka Young, student.

We also spoke with a few students who didn't approve of the show.

They did not want to speak on camera.