Mesa teen recovering after being accidentally shot

<p>Garage in Mesa</p>

Garage in Mesa

A 15 year-old Mesa boy is recovering from a gunshot wound to the chest, after he was accidentally shot by his brother yesterday afternoon.

Now, firearm experts are speaking out to try and prevent any future accidents.

People in town who know the family tell us the 15 year-old boy who was shot yesterday will be ok.

The accident happened at a home on May Avenue in Mesa yesterday around 1:30 PM.

Franklin County detectives say a 14 year-old boy was in the family's garage, handling a rifle.

Detectives say the rifle was partially disassembled, so the boy didn't think it would fire.

But after he loaded a magazine into the rifle, he shot it and a bullet came out, striking his older brother in the chest.

Neighbors in the area and firearms experts say families who own guns should keep their weapons in a safe place so accidents like this don't happen again.

"We need to figure out some way to get these guns safer, away from children, and away from people that don't know the damage that they can do" said Darrell Tarvin, neighbor.

"There's universal rules of handgun safety, and number one is that all guns are always loaded. And the only way that you know the gun is not loaded, is if you check the chamber to make sure that it's not loaded. You can remove a magazine from a handgun or a rifle or a shotgun, but if you don't know what's in the chamber, the gun may be loaded" said Captain Rick Long, Franklin County Jail.

Captain Long is the lead firearms instructor in Franklin County.

He says gun owners should keep their weapons locked up in a safe or lockbox, away from children.

He also says if someone hands you a gun, or if you pick up a gun that's not yours, you should always check yourself to see if the gun is loaded.

Captain Long says never take someone's word for it - always check yourself.

Franklin County detectives are still investigating the shooting.

No charges have been filed.