Grandview School District Responds to Volunteer Misconduct Allegations

<p>Grandview Admin</p>

Grandview Admin

The Grandview School District issues a statement today regarding a volunteer coach accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Superintendent Kevin Chase says 28-year-old Stephen Sanchez was relieved of his duties as a volunteer basketball coach a week ago.

Sanchez is accused of engaging in sexual misconduct with a minor between October of 2011 and January of 2012.

One parent says her husband went to school with Sanchez, and was shocked something could go unnoticed.

"I just don't understand where the other adults are, the other coaches that are not seeing this," said Jovana Valencia, "Or don't think to say anything because they're worried about the reputation of the school district or keeping things hush-hush."

The Grandview School District says it is cooperating with local law enforcement as police continue to investigate.