More Pain at the Pump



Here's something you surely don't want to see at the start of the work week - rising gas prices.

Triple-A says the national average is up more than 40 cents from the same time last month.

So why are the prices going up?  Experts say rising crude oil prices, production cuts and refinery closings due to maintenance are all contributing factors.

And with more Americans taking home less pay since the payroll tax cuts expired last month, many are left feeling the impact.

"They just keep going up and I don't see a reason for them to go up because you look at the barrel prices - and they're not going up that much to constitute as much as ours is going up, so..." said Mark Carter of Kennewick.

"It's hurting the wallet quite a bit.  I was gassing up my car when it was about $3.09, I was feeling pretty good and now that extra money is just going back to gas," said Pamela Kinsey of Richland.

Currently, the average price for gas inthe Tri-Cities is $3.36, while in Yakima it is $3.46.

Washington State's average is $3.63 - that's about ten cents cheaper than the national average.