Inslee Pushes Action on Abortion Bill

<p>Abortion Insurance</p>

Abortion Insurance

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- Speaking before a crowd of about 250 abortion-rights supporters, Gov. Jay Inslee called for an up-or-down vote in the state Senate today.  The measure would require most insurers in the state to pay for abortions.

Supporters say the bill, which they call the Reproductive Parity Act, would ensure continued coverage for abortions once federal health care reforms trigger bureaucratic hurdles for insurers who pay for the procedure.

The reforms would take effect in 2014.

Opponents say the abortion insurance coverage is already widespread and that the bill is unnecessary.

The measure is expected to pass out of the Democratic-controlled House, but faces an uncertain future in the Republican-dominated Senate.

Senate Health Care Committee Chair Randi Becker said her committee will hear the bill but declined to say what its chances were of emerging from it.