Kadlec's Green Bike Program

<p>Green Bike Program</p>

Green Bike Program

Kadlec Regional Medical Center is starting a pilot project to reduce its carbon footprint, and to give its staff a bit of air and exercise.

It's called the bike transport program. Two bikes are now available to staff equipped with satchel bags, helmets, and a basket.

Kadlec employees can ride the bikes between buildings, instead of using their cars or the shuttle service as the medical center campus gets larger.

Even though it's a small step, one organizer hopes it will catch on.

"Granted it's not a big effort that we have, but it not only allows us to save the wear and tear on the shuttle service that we have, but it also adds to their health.  So you can get out and enjoy the day. I think it benefits us all around," said Chase Walters.

Each bike with the extras costs $500.

Kadlec President Lane Savitch and CIO Dave Roach took the inaugural bike rides today.