A Valentine's Day Harley Ride

<p>Harley Couple</p>

Harley Couple

The right mix of passion, friendship and a dash of danger -- and you might have the recipe to keep love young.    

There's no denying one Richland couple, Charlie and Phyllis Main, has all of these in abundance. Sixty-one years together and they're still going strong.

They say, it's in part, to a mutual love of riding motorcycles that's kept their romance and friendship alive all these years.

And on Valentine's Day, 78-year old Phyllis and 84-year old Charlie it's another special ride on their Harley Davidson.

The Mains strap on their helmets, and climb on their 2012 Harley Trike and take a spin, but it's not unusual for them -- it's something they do for fun on most days.

"We've been riding motorcycles most of our lives, most of our married life, you know," said Charlie.

"I enjoy biking and I trust him. I trust his riding... he's pretty careful," said Phyllis.

Charlie and Phyllis met in 1951 after he got out of the army. The couple settled in the Tri-Cities and raised four kids, who also ride motorcycles. Today they have seven grandchildren, and eleven great grandkids. So what is the real secret to their long marriage?

"Luckily we both like the same things. And i've always liked bikes, motorcycles. I had my own for a few years when I was younger," said Phyllis. "And it isn't all honey and sweet stuff. You have to have your flareups and then your makeups."

Six decades and one year later, the rides may have gotten a little bit slower, but Charlie says it seems like just yesterday they met.

"Sure seemed to go fast. But I'm living the best time of my life right now - and I hope it goes on for a while," said Charlie.

"I just like his looks," said Phyllis laughing. "And I like the way he treats me."

The couple will be going out for dinner on February 14, and there might even be another ride on the Harley.