Opera Time at Gilbert Elementary

<p>Opera Time</p>

Opera Time

Dozens of elementary students at Gilbert Elementary School in Yakima get the chance to learn about opera today.

It's part of a program called "Opera Time," organized by the Seattle Opera and the Yakima Opera Symphony.

Singers got the chance to teach students how to use opera singing skills in everyday reading excercises -- such as expression and dictation.

Opera teachers say they also hope students gain an appreciation for the art form

"It's the perfect time to introduce young people to opera," said Barbara Lynne Jamison, "Opera is a living art form. It's no longer seen as an old art form with big voices. It's a song that can speak all kinds of stories to all kinds of people from any walk of life."

The Yakima Opera Symphony says it plans on bringing "Opera Time" to other schools in the Yakima area later this year.