Five Guys Burgers in the Tri-Cities?

<p>FIve Guys Burgers</p>

FIve Guys Burgers

If you're a burger aficionado you're in luck -- Five Guys Burgers & Fries is coming to the Tri-Cities.

The burger joint, which some say has an extremely devoted following -- is opening its newest northwest location in the City of Richland.  

The franchise, which originally started in Arlington, VA makes only hand-formed grilled burgers with fresh-cut fries cooked in peanut oil.  With no freezers in any of its stores, only coolers -- it boasts the freshest burger with all the toppings you can stuff between the buns.

Richland Economic Development Manager Gary Ballew says he's had a Five Guys burger before, and he can't wait to have one here at home, at planned new restaurant on Queensgate Drive.

"It would probably do something to my waistline that we wouldn't want to happen. But my daughter and I ate there in Spokane and she loved them too. Restaurants do well in the Tri-Cities, so we love to see them open here because then they're successful, then we go tell other restaurants how successfull they are," said Ballew.

The burger joint will also bring about 45 new jobs to the area.

The lease has been signed at Vintner Square in Richland, permits are underway, and the restaurant franchisee says he hopes to open by April 15.