Second Suspect Cleared in Goggin Murders

<p>Tracy Culton</p>

Tracy Culton

<p>Pauline and Bill Goggin</p>

Pauline and Bill Goggin

The Yakima County Prosecutor's Office has cleared Tracy Culton of any charges in the February 2011 murders of Bill and Pauline Goggin, and Bill's mother, Bettye in the Googin's West Valley home.

Culton originally faced three counts of first degree murder.

During the investigation, Culton took and cleared a polygraph exam.

The prosecutor's office states that within the last week, results from the state crime lab returned no evidence implicating Culton.

In October, prosecutors dropped aggravated murder charges against Kevin Harper because of a change in the established timeline of the murders.

Harper pleaded guilty to lesser charges.

A friend of the Goggin's says he's outraged, as the community deserves answers from Yakima County Prosecutor James Hagarty.

"They had the house locked up for two months gathering supposedly evidence, they put together a case against Kevin Harper, which took 12 months and fell apart in a couple of days," said James Faulconer, "And now they release Tracy Culton? What have they been doing downtown?"

We attempted to contact Hagarty, but he could not be reached for a comment.